Idiot area expanded!?

Parts of the Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches OAD storyboard that was used for Tsubaki’s audition. The man in the second shot is director Tomoki Takuno explaining the scenes.

Toshiharu Sasaki - Tsubaki Audition Entry No.5
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Here’s an audio clip of Rittsu’s (Toshiharu Sasaki) audition for the role of Tsubaki in the Yamada and the Seven Witches anime to have a rough idea of what the character will sound like. The lines are from the upcoming OAD.

Rittsu (real name: Toshiharu Sasaki) won the audition for the voice of Tsubaki in the Yamada and the Seven Witches anime. The audition was broadcasted on niconico. He was presented with an autograph board drawn and signed by Miki Yoshikawa.

Last picture from Kensuke Tateishi’s Twitter.

小湊春市 (花江夏樹) - CLOUD NINE (feat.Haruichi) Short Ver.
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TV size version of Harucchi’s CLOUD NINE, sung by Natsuki Hanae.

Samples of the Ace of Diamond character songs vol.1-3.

Can’t wait to get Eijun and Harucchi’s!

Do you have a certain type of character that you always like?

I wouldn’t say always since how they’re written is important. There are a few types I’m fond of but the most common would be best friend characters, with extra points for being childhood friends. My favourite examples would be Franz (Gankutsuou), Yamaguchi (Haikyuu!!), Atsuro (Devil Survivor), Daichi (Devil Survivor 2) and Tohru (Shiki), to name a few. What can I say, I guess I’m a sucker for bromance. I generally like good portrayals of friendship in stories.

Though I end up mostly shipping the characters, I’d kill for a story about a guy and a girl being best friends but never falling in love, just extremely supportive of each other while leading their own lives.

I’m also fond of cheerful mood-makers and insane characters (but not exaggeratedly mad that you’d end up laughing at how absurd they act).

Shimizu (Witch)

A cool, unapproachable yet alluring witch served by her two minions.

Tanaka & Noya (Minions)

Minions of the witch Kiyoko. They don’t really care about things such as the Great King.

Oikawa and Kuroo’s Haikyu Quest characters will be added to the website some other time.

Tsukki explaining how the Haikyuu!! 3DS game works with zero enthusiasm.

This is part of a poll result where fans got to vote for six characters to narrate the PVs. Tsukki is in 6th place. Other results to follow.



Even Shizuo has Akane for company in the key visual. So far only Izaya is alone.

Even Shizuo has Akane for company in the key visual. So far only Izaya is alone.